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"To make every farm traceable. Mission: Maximizing per-acre value"

Company Description

 Cropin is a global Agtech pioneer who has built the world's first purpose-built industry cloud for Agriculture - Cropin Cloud. Cropin Cloud enables various stakeholders in the agri-ecosystem to leverage digitization and predictive intelligence to make effective decisions that increase farming efficiency, scale productivity, manage risk and environmental changes and enhance sustainability.


Vision of Cropin

The company's vision is to 'make every farm traceable.' Cropin is working on an ambitious plan to build intelligence on every acre of the planet's cultivable lands to make it happen.

The Solution

CropIn's flagship product, CropIn Cloud, is an integrated platform that merges a suite of agricultural digitization tools, easy access to powerful data sources, and AI-driven agri-intelligence. This solution drives digital transformation within the agriculture sector, offering a versatile agri-stack featuring CropIn Apps, CropIn Data Hub, and CropIn Intelligence.


CropIn Apps facilitate large-scale digital transformation across various sectors, including agriculture, forestry, commodities, banking, and insurance. They support diverse use cases like global farm management, food safety, supply chain visibility, and farmer engagement, along with advanced seed research and traceability.


CropIn Data Hub empowers agribusinesses by unifying data from multiple sources, including farm management apps, IoT devices, drones, and weather data, enabling comprehensive data analysis. CropIn Intelligence incorporates 22 AI models for insights like yield estimation, irrigation scheduling, pest prediction, and more, leveraging the world's largest crop knowledge graph for precision and adaptation to specific crops and locations.

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Business Model:

The business model employed by the organization is oriented towards Business-to-Business (B2B) transactions. Revenue generation is facilitated through diverse channels, encompassing the issuance of licenses, subscription services, project fees, charges determined by the number of users, farmers, or growers, as well as metrics such as the number of square kilometers or grids and the quantity of acres or hectares involved.

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Their Plan to Scale: 

Their primary focus is on assisting their global customer base in navigating shifting regulatory frameworks, such as EUDR, while concurrently working to bolster Cropin's leadership presence in Europe, the United States, and Latin America.


  • Their foremost objective involves the enhancement of transparency across the agricultural value chain.

  • They are actively engaged in initiatives to boost the efficiency of field teams.

  • Their primary goal is to achieve higher yields and improved product quality.

  • They are committed to the optimization of costs in their operations.

  • They are dedicated to making substantial improvements in the domains of business planning, tracking, analysis, and reporting.

  • At the organizational level, their vision includes the democratization of data to facilitate better decision-making processes.

Cropin Team

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