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Bootcamps or Climathons

CIFAR Alliance and Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth

What is it?

Our Climathons are local events that engage people from diverse communities to address climate challenges and propose sustainable solutions to tackle climate change. 


To date we have conducted two Climathons with the aim of encouraging participants to collaborate in multidisciplinary teams to develop innovative ideas and projects.

What is the goal of the Climathons?

The goal is to provide ambitious and climate-passionate entrepreneurs (or soon-to-be entrepreneurs!) a space to innovate. This helps to upskill promising innovators and to iteratively learn how to best catalyze climate smart innovation.

Who are the attendees at our Climathons?

We're aware that climate change is a problem that involves all of us, which is why all profiles are welcome. Our events include professionals in climate-related fields, as well as those in administrative, financial, development, and programming areas.


More than the profile, what's important is that they share a dedication to climate action and a desire to contribute to the local innovation ecosystem.


What topics were addressed in our Climathons?

We focused our events on issues that participants felt connected to, aiming to foster greater involvement. For instance, in the case of Cape Town, we directed the focus towards challenges related to the blue economy and everything revolving around water economics. For the Bogotá event, we shifted towards the green economy, discussing solutions like reforestation, sustainable farming, and more.

What were the outcomes?

In total, we have had 102 participants, boosted 16 new or existing startups and nurtured two local innovation ecosystems (i.e. Cape Town and Bogota).


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Climathon in Cape Town
Climathon in Bogotá

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