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Ecosistema Jaguar

CIFAR Alliance and Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth

"Building long-term relationships in the agrifood value chain"

Company Description

Ecosistema Jaguar, a leading agrifood contact center, offers end-to-end services across the entire value chain. From Data Collection to Digital Sales, the company provides essential solutions, actively contributing to financial inclusion and promoting regenerative farming practices.


Vision to 2030

Ecosistema Jaguar envisions becoming the primary ally for agribusinesses in Latin America and the Caribbean, fostering enduring and meaningful connections with farmers, employees, and small shopkeepers.


With a commitment to societal impact, Ecosistema Jaguar aims to employ a minimum of 750 individuals in rural territories, fostering income growth for at least 250,000 people. The organization aspires to stand out as a business that significantly contributes to the positive transformation of the agricultural sector.

Ecosistema Jaguar seeks to expand its influence by championing regenerative practices in farming, coupled with alternative financial models. In this endeavor, the company envisions empowering farmers without land and capital to become landowners and collaborative partners in the agricultural process.

The Solution

Ecosistema Jaguar operates as an agrifood contact center, offering comprehensive services across the entire value chain.

Within each link of the chain, Ecosistema Jaguar provides the following summarized services: Data Collection for productivity, Corporate and Commercial Training, Loyalty Programs for Suppliers, Employees, and Commercial Channels, Back-office support, and Digital Sales.

The organization, Ecosistema Jaguar, is actively bridging the realms of climate and financial services to promote financial inclusion. This involves conducting financial literacy training, overseeing credit disbursement for individuals excluded from the traditional financial system, and delivering digital agricultural services with a focus on regenerative farming.


Ecosistema Jaguar, a certified B Corp since 2018, diligently monitors over 270 indicators across Governance, Communities, Workers, Environment, and Customers. The organization has achieved an impressive score of 116.7 in the B Impact Assessment, surpassing the average score of B Corps in Colombia by 74% and exceeding the global average score in the agrifood sector by 44%. This exemplary performance underscores Ecosistema Jaguar's commitment to high standards of social and environmental responsibility within its operations.


Business Model:

Ecosistema Jaguar employs a monthly recurring revenue model with its B2B customers, centering on the volume of minutes utilized for communication with their stakeholders. This approach underscores the organization's commitment to providing tailored and effective communication solutions for its clientele.


Their Plan to Scale: 

Ecosistema Jaguar envisions solidifying its presence in the Colombian market over the next three years, with established recurring operations extending to Mexico, Panama, Ecuador, Peru, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, Paraguay, Bolivia, USA, Canada, Spain, and the Netherlands.

During this period, the organization anticipates achieving the following annual turnovers: $300,000 USD in 2024, $450,000 USD in 2025, and $600,000 USD in 2026.

Moreover, Ecosistema Jaguar is committed to implementing a consolidated model of decentralized operations. This model includes the implementation of policies for recruiting rural agents and establishing contact centers in rural municipalities across Latin America and the Caribbean. Such an approach aims to contribute to generational integration in rural areas and foster the creation of new employment opportunities.

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