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CropIn Cloud Hub for Agriculture is a digital platform developed by CropIn, an agricultural technology company. This platform utilizes cloud computing, data analytics, and mobile applications to provide farmers and agribusinesses with tools for improved decision-making. It offers features like crop monitoring, predictive analytics, and supply chain traceability to optimize agricultural operations, enhance yields, and promote sustainable farming practices.

CropIn Cloud Hub for Agriculture

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  • Category:

    Sustainable Agriculture and Food


  • Subcategory:

    Agriculture management platforms

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  • Climate Resilience Approach Mapping:

    Risk Prevention, Risk Mitigation

  • Climate Impact Mapping:


  • Country / Region Input:

    Sub-Saharan Africa, MENA, Southeast Asia, South Asia, East Asia, Central Asia, Central and South America, Caribbean, Eastern Europe, Southern Europe, Oceania

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    API connection fees

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