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Financiera Fondo de Desarrollo Local (FDL) is a financial institution in Nicaragua dedicated to providing financial services to underserved urban and rural areas. FDL focuses on promoting economic and social development by granting access to credit and financial services for traditionally underserved sectors. Their range of financial products, including loans and savings accounts, supports microentrepreneurs, farmers, and low-income communities. Notably, FDL's offerings include adapted loans for water-harvesting and irrigation systems in arid regions, enhancing sustainable practices and resilience.

Financial product for the Dry Corridor/ Ecomicro

  • Organization:

    Financiera Fondo de Desarrollo Local


  • Category:

    Climate Finance


  • Subcategory:

    Financing for sustainable agriculture projects

  • Available at:



  • Channel:

    Physical and Digital

  • Climate Resilience Approach Mapping:

    Risk Prevention, Risk Mitigation

  • Climate Impact Mapping:


  • Country / Region Input:

    Central and South America, Nicaragua

  • Sector Mapping:

    Micro/Small/Medium Enterprises

  • Business Model Mapping:

    Other Business Model

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