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The Kenya Livestock Insurance Program (KLIP) is a collaborative effort between the Kenyan government and the private sector, aimed at supporting pastoralists and livestock keepers. This initiative offers financial protection against climate-related risks that impact livestock assets. Through this partnership, the government establishes conducive conditions, including premium support by procuring fully subsidized coverage for vulnerable households. In turn, insurance companies concentrate on service provision, product innovation, and timely claims disbursement to insured individuals. KLIP reflects a coordinated approach that prioritizes both the welfare of pastoralist communities and the expertise of the private sector, fostering resilience and stability in Kenya's livestock sector.

Kenya Livestock Insurance Program

  • Organization:

    Government of Kenya

  • Category:


  • Subcategory:

    Agricultural Insurance

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  • Climate Resilience Approach Mapping:

    Risk Recovery

  • Climate Impact Mapping:


  • Country / Region Input:

    Sub-Saharan Africa, Kenya

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    Other Business Model

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