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MicroEnsure, in collaboration with SORAS Assurances Generales, has introduced a groundbreaking insurance solution that combines satellite and weather station data. This partnership involves international, national, and local entities to extend weather index insurance to rural Rwandan farmers. This innovative product provides coverage against both insufficient and excessive rainfall, safeguarding farmers' livelihoods from climatic uncertainties. Powered by technology, the insurance utilizes precise data sources for accurate triggers. Additionally, through a strategic partnership with KCB Bank, farmers with MicroEnsure index insurance coverage gain access to loans for enhanced financial support and resilience.

MicroEnsure: Satellite and weather station-based weather index insurance

  • Organization:

    MicroEnsure, SORAS Assurances Generales

  • Category:


  • Subcategory:

    Agricultural Insurance

  • Available at:


  • Channel:



  • Climate Resilience Approach Mapping:

    Risk Recovery

  • Climate Impact Mapping:

    Drought, Flooding, Precipitation Patterns

  • Country / Region Input:

    Sub-Saharan Africa, Rwanda

  • Sector Mapping:


  • Business Model Mapping:

    Interest, API connection fees

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