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Prestige Poultry Insurance by Prestige Assurance Plc is a specialized insurance product designed to safeguard poultry farmers and businesses. Offering tailored coverage options, it provides protection for poultry farms, equipment, livestock, and potential liabilities. This insurance solution is tailored to meet the unique needs of poultry farmers, ensuring financial security against unexpected losses.

Prestige Poultry Insurance

  • Organization:

    Prestige Assurance

  • Category:


  • Subcategory:

    Agricultural Insurance

  • Available at:


  • Channel:


  • Climate Resilience Approach Mapping:

    Risk Recovery

  • Climate Impact Mapping:

    General Extreme Weather and Climate Impacts, Flooding, Wind, Hail, Drought, Landslides / Erosion, Pests and Diseases, Precipitation Patterns

  • Country / Region Input:

    Sub-Saharan Africa, Nigeria


  • Sector Mapping:


  • Business Model Mapping:

    Other Business Model

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